Shenzhen Haowushuo Technology Co., Ltd is Sub company of HongKong IHYUNLKJBRO CO.,LTD IHYUN LKJBRO founded in 2011, to provide more better option and bring the cost effective product to customer then brand “hawuso” arise at the times required in 2022, hawuso focus on commodity and electronic products, we provide superior Interaction Design and professional configuration layout and verifying service to bring the advantage product to customer, in the meanwhile, hawuso also coach and energize superior manufacture create the advantage product and sale the product together, we had professional product team and create the value added product start from R&D, quality, delivery and cost balance, the first QDCB management system creator to win the market for customer, with IQC, IPQC, OQC in quality management system and top standard operate management system to energize partner solve production and delivery difficulties, our product is not total new species but we provide the products in continues improve for user experience.

Brand hawuso is kind of personality, kind of pursuit, kind of eclectic and uncompromising, stick to be yourself, accept diversity, respect different culture, carve every detail and concentrate on the product people’s professional and enthusiasm to create customers confident and fashionable items, hawuso will pay more attention to individual, lifestyle, work, sustainable development to bring customers more and better option.


        深圳好物说科技有限公司的前身是香港IHYUNLKBRO CO.,LTD成立于2011年,为了给客户提供更好的选择及物有所值的产品,好物说品牌hawuso 应运而生,好物说主要为日用品,电子产品提供先进的交互方案,结构设计、以及检测验证等一站式服务为客户带来有持续改善基因的产品,hawuso赋能优秀的制造商联合造物并销售,专业的产品研发团队为客户打造从开发设计,品质,交付,成本均衡的产品,以首创的QDCB管理体系做基础为客户提供优异化的市场竞品,在IQC, IPQC, OQC的基础上融合完善的品质管控体系并以国际顶一流的管理标准赋能生产合作伙伴解决生产及交付端的痛点。我们的产品不是一种颠覆,而是可以改善用户与产品间的持续性交互体验。