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Question1: Does the product image and specification is exactly same as website?

Answer1: Usually it is same but some product and specification may did slight adjustment due to the sustainable improving, kindly email or call our website contacts for make sure the detail.

Question2: Does the product size and color is freeze type or its optional?

Answer2: Usually the product size and color has more option, kindly check with website contacts.

Question3: Can customer order the specified new model or new design?

Answer3: Yes, we had strong NPI team and Engineer team so definitely we can follow up customer specified design and we can provide ODM service.

Question4: Does the product has MOQ or its need innovation cost?

 Answer4: Yes, usually it has MOQ as the manufacturing basis, for the existing style its no need innovation cost.  

Question5: Can the product buy it directly from your website?

Answer5: Sorry, its can only support company deal now.

Question6: If order is small then can customer pay the money by Credit card?

Answer6: Yes, we had Paypal enterprise account and we can go through the order process in Paypal platform and ensure the both side got confidence deal in the begining.